Two friends have come together to empower communities.


An idea to send scholars of Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School to see Black Panther was met with such overwhelming support, it formed a movement.

This project is about two friends, mobilizing, to show support and offer community for those who may otherwise go without. We can all be a rainbow in somebody's cloud be it through our time, spirit, skills, resources or dollars.


early success

Our first project aimed to raise $2,400 to book a private screening for scholars watch Black Panther. Over $5,600 was raised in a campaign that was posted to Facebook by Love Life of an Asian Guy (and shared over 200 times!) and OkCupid; and ReTweeted by SuperSoul Sunday and Kelis

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What's next

While courts have invalidated President Trump's March 5 deadline to reform DACA legislation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has continued to espouse fear and warned that all undocumented immigrants should be worried about facing deportation. Our next project aims to support those affected by DACA changes.  

As a first step, we plan to send letters of support and empathy to those help in I.C.E detention centers. 

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